The Importance of an International Education

In the past, studying abroad seemed to be a dream, due to the expensive fees, limited options and moreover, lack of guidance. However, times have changed. In 2018, 300,000 students ventured out of India for further education and this number is increasing every year. Students sought after education opportunities across the world, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Why are so many students studying abroad?

We live in a diverse and multiethnic society, where experiencing a variety of cultures is essential for success. Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to gain an international view on their degree and life, which is very attractive to employers across the world. Pursuing an international higher education gives students countless skills and experiences for personal growth and provides them with the best employability prospects.

With many options available, studying abroad is now accessible to all Indian students. Applying to university is an exciting time for all young people, from choosing their course, accommodation, extracurricular activities, but now they have the opportunity to choose which country they would like to pursue their education. Europe is now becoming an education hub and includes some of the most sought-after study destinations, such as Germany, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. These locations give students the chance to develop their English skills throughout their studies and learn the local language.

Is it expensive?

Nowadays an international education does not burn a hole in your pocket. Universities want international students to join their institutions, as they bring value and diversity to the environment. Many universities therefore offer a range of scholarships to make themselves more accessible to students from across the globe. International students are able to work part-time during their courses in many countries, to support their added expenses, such as food, accommodation and travel.

In addition, banks in India also want students to benefit from international opportunities and provide education loans, where pupils are only required to repay after they have graduated and start working.

What do you achieve from an international education?

The current world climate has taught us all that we live in a global society, where everyone is united when it comes to matters of health, wellbeing and justice. The world is connected instantly through the click of a button. To succeed, young people need to broaden their horizons to new possibilities and hunt for opportunities, wherever in the world they may be. Meeting new people, learning languages and gaining an international perspective on life is essential in this global society and we at RSR Global want to provide all students in India with the best education, whether it be at an undergraduate, postgraduate or PHD level.

We at RSR global have a great team of experienced counselors who are prepared to provide you with the best guidance for your international career.


By Rajesh R Dhaktode
Educationist / Counselor / Motivator / Trainer