Banking & Finance

The sudden pandemic outburst and evolving technical dynamics have casted a huge impact on the global FinTech / Financial Services, along with service-providers from Professional Services / Management Consultingand other highly competitive service industries. These sectors have undergone tremendous remodelling when it comes to operations. This has led to new practices and locations for hiring new specialised talent.

A group of humanoid robots and chatbots have revolutionized the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry. Banks across the world are deploying this kind of technology to be future-ready and adapt to the increasingly technology driven market — a future characterized by instant payments, anytime-anywhere services, individualized products, and virtual currencies, and perhaps run by invisible banks.BFS companies are considering alternative operating models and evaluating emerging technologies to achieve a wide range of benefits

A look at some of the key trends re-shaping the BFS industry makes it easier to understand the transformations being undertaken by financial institutions to stay relevant in the future. RSR GLOBAL has been keenly following the trends that shows the inclusion of the ongoing digital transformation, the emergence of FinTech companies, the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, and re-thinking the concept of money. Keeping a close view of the market we are working diligently to rope top talents based on the market demands.

UK Financial Services is a remarkably resilient sector, employment numbers have remained at a solid 1.1m for over a decade. London continues to rank highly as a Financial Centre, a FinTech Hub and it is a strong player in Global Trade Finance. Maintaining a 7-figure workforce means new hires will always be required.There is a strong drive towards diversity, equity and inclusion and Financial Services is becoming increasingly driven by technology.

The ability to attract qualified talent has become a top concern for both bank and credit union executives. A survey by Cornerstone Advisors finds that 67% of banks and 63% of credit unions said this in early 2022, up from 19% for both groups the year before.  Keeping this in mind we at RSR GLOBAL make sure thatour search and selection processes be fast, frictionless, polished and proactive as we want to be ahead of our competitors and  need to compete for the best talent.

RSR GLOBAL performs comprehensive executive search for mid to senior-level positions.  We have the advantage of approaching known professionals in our network. Being able to propose a role to specific individuals rather than merely advertising it means that we can be quick and there is also a certain amount of buy-in that results from the personal approach. There is no time for complacency though.

for progression this year and recruiting organisations will need to up their games to stay ahead in a competitive talent market. RSR GLOBAL continuously incorporates improved strategies and innovative requirements for companies across sectors.

RSR GLOBAL is a one-solution for all, specializing in end-to-end recruitment and providing staffing solutions for esteemed organisations across the world. We believe in your priorities and help you cater your demands.