Healthcare Recruitment

RSR Global is working to be among the leading education & recruitment agencies in the health care and manpower industry worldwide. With offices across 17 countries with 37 locations, we can truly identify the most talented applicants and use our expertise in identifying healthcare careers, to place candidates effectively in suitable jobs. We have a dedicated team of professionals who pride themselves in providing individualised services for our clients and applicants.

RSR Global is listed on the UK Code of Practice for the International Recruitment list and features in the NHS Employers, a part of the NHS Confederation. We believe that success is achieved through value-added services, respect, creativity, teamwork and integrity. We are also listed on Crown Commercial Service framework for recruitment.

RSR Global works with the majority of leading nursing colleges across India and a variety of other countries. We are able to help fulfil your requirements for Nursing and Care workers from India, Philippines, the UAE, Ukraine, Poland, Australia and Singapore.