Schemes offering Training Posts

There are many schemes offering training posts to overseas doctors. The most well-known is the Medical Training Initiative, run by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. Recruitment focuses of suitably qualified, overseas, post graduate medical specialists (who have passed Part 1 membership exams for the Royal College of Physicians). Successful applicants are recruited for a fixed period of training in the UK before returning to their home healthcare system.

The British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) offer post graduate training programmes in association with Health Education England. The training scheme is offered to applicants who do not have relevant postgraduate training in India. BAPIO offers a route to gain both membership and fellowship in various specialties + leadership training through a combination of posts in both India and the UK for a fixed term (2-4 years).

Most training schemes operate on a time-limited Tier 5 vias (which only lasts 2 years) where Doctors must return to India at the end of their training.