UK recruitment agency in Kerala


What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency cascades between the employer and the candidates looking for work. These agencies can either be regional, locally established, national or international and can make available several opportunities for aspiring candidates in a number of sectors, such as, health, legal, personal services, education, and retail. UK recruitment agencies are gaining prominence in the Kerala region of India as people are more willing to migrate to other countries for work.  RSR Global is a UK-based international recruitment agency helping many people from India find jobs in the United Kingdom. It specializes in healthcare recruitment and much more.

Job vacancies for Indians in the UK

There has been a surge in job vacancies in the UK attributed to the scarcity of workers on account of Brexit. In order to meet the demand for new services, many businesses are looking for new employees. These vacancies are not only open to British workers but foreign nationals too, who are willing to relocate.

How can UK job recruitment companies in Kerala help to secure jobs in the UK?

If you are aspiring to work in the UK and looking for the right job that matches your profile, then you have stumbled upon the right page. RSR global has been working for many years in Kerala and has helped numerous people to find their dream jobs in the United Kingdom. Our consultants work relentlessly with candidates and help them with every aspect of job searching. We offer a plethora of opportunities in the field of hospitalityeducation, and the health sector. If you wish to pursue your career in the health sector and are looking for nursing jobs in the UK, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Rising number of Indian (Kerala) nurses in the UK

The data for the current year by The Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC) depicts a massive number of Indian nurses, approximately 40,000, on the council’s register. This is unquestionably higher than any of the preceding years. This data provides enough evidence that the demand and rate of recruitment of Indian nurses in the UK and both high.

UK nursing recruitment agency in Kerala

An estimation from WHO has shown that 30 percent of nurses who studied in Kerala work in the United Kingdom today. Health professionals from India tend to move to the UK in a quest for better pay and other privileges. The role of nurse recruitment agencies is beyond the shadow of question to make such candidates meet the jobs of their dreams. RSR global as a nursing recruitment agency in Kerala ensures its candidates a seamless transition in their journeys and standard nurse package.

What do you need to be a nurse in the UK?

As you know, the primary criterion is to have a nursing degree but there are several other factors that govern the chance of bagging a job at a highly reputed place. Some very important points have been enlisted below;

  1. Language proficiency: This is one of the non-negotiable. Proving your caliber in terms of English proficiency is a must. Apart from speaking, you must prove that you can read and write effectively too. In order to prove so, you can take either of the two examinations:
  1. CBT Test: It is mandatory to pass the computer-based test.
  2. Relevant experience in the same field
  3. Submit documents for the National and Midwifery council. You will then be assessed if you are good enough for the role.
  4. Submit personal documents to the NHS trust.
  5. Certificate of sponsorship: It is fair to count ‘certificate of sponsorship’ under must-haves. It should be inclusive of all the information about the role you have been offered.
  6. Visa application

Some unmatched perks of serving as a nurse in the UK

  • More holidays as compared to an Indian nurse
  • Relatively lesser working hours
  • Decent salary
  • NHS (National health service) Pension
  • Free schooling for children (until 18 years)
  • Free health and dental services for you and your family
  • Provision for leave
  • Mandatory breaks in between shifts

Why choose RSR global?

RSR global promises to cater to all your needs and eases out the whole recruitment process. We will help you with proper counseling and guide you through each step. We understand what works best for applicants and help by reinforcing them with proper training for faster recruitment. With RSR global, you are choosing the right hands to shape your golden future.

    Note: Max file size should be 5Mb / File Type : PDF,Doc
    Minimum Graduation is Degree or Diploma compulsory