Nursing Job Interview Questions


What to Expect and How to Prepare

Nursing is a highly competitive field that requires both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Whether you are a new nursing student, a recent nursing graduate, or an experienced staff nurse, you will most likely need to go through a nursing job interview at some point in your career.

To help you prepare for your nursing interview, RSR Global will provide you with an overview of common nursing interview questions and tips on how to answer them effectively.

Nursing Student Interview Questions

If you are a nursing student applying for a nursing job, the interviewer will most likely focus on your academic background, clinical skills, and passion for the profession. Here are some common nursing student interview questions:

What motivated you to pursue a career in nursing?

This is a question which you will certainly get to answer as it is the most common one and helps the interviewer gauge your commitment to the profession. To answer this question, you can highlight your personal experiences or values that led you to choose nursing, such as a desire to help others, a family member’s illness, or a rewarding clinical experience. It is essential to emphasise your passion for nursing, which differentiates it from other healthcare professions.

What clinical experiences have you had so far?

The interviewer will want to know about your clinical rotations and any healthcare-related volunteering or shadowing experiences you may have had. You can describe your clinical skills, such as patient assessments, medication administration, or wound care, and highlight any challenges or achievements.

How well do you understand the nursing process?

The nursing process is a framework that guides nurses in providing patient-centred care. You should be familiar with the steps of the nursing process, which include assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. You can provide examples of how you have applied the nursing process in your clinical experiences.

How do you manage stress and prioritize your tasks?

Nursing is a fast-paced and highly stressful environment, and the interviewer will want to know how you cope with pressure. You can describe your time-management and organizational skills, as well as any stress-management techniques you use, such as deep breathing, exercise, or seeking support from colleagues.

Newly Qualified Nurse Interview Questions

If you are a newly qualified nurse applying for your first job, the interviewer will likely focus on your clinical competencies, teamwork skills, and willingness to learn. Here are some common new nurse interview questions:

What clinical competencies do you have?

As a new nurse, you may not have extensive clinical experience, but you can highlight your theoretical knowledge and skills you acquired during your nursing education. You can mention your familiarity with common nursing procedures, such as vital sign measurements, charting, or infection control.

What is your strategy to handle difficult patients or family members?

Nursing involves dealing with patients and families who may be in pain, distressed, or uncooperative. You can explain how you would communicate with them, show empathy, and address their concerns. You can also mention any strategies you use to de-escalate conflict, such as active listening or offering choices.

How do you collaborate with interdisciplinary healthcare teams?

Nursing is a team-based profession, and you will work closely with physicians, therapists, social workers, and other healthcare professionals. You can describe your communication skills, willingness to seek advice, and ability to contribute to the team’s goals. You can also mention any examples of effective collaboration in your clinical experiences.

How do you keep up with the latest nursing practices and research?

Nursing is a constantly evolving field, and you should be prepared to update your knowledge and skills regularly. You can explain how you stay informed about new nursing practices and research findings, such as attending continuing education courses, reading nursing journals, or participating in professional organizations.

Staff Nurse Interview Questions

As a staff nurse, you may encounter a range of interview questions that aim to assess your nursing skills, knowledge, experience, and suitability for the role. Here are some common interview questions you may face as a staff nurse,

  • What experience do you have in a leadership or charge nurse roles?
  • How do you handle conflicts or difficult situations with colleagues?
  • How do you mentor and train new nurses on your unit?

While these are some common nursing interview questions, it’s important to remember that each interview may be different and tailored to the specific position and organization. It’s important to research the organization and review the job description to prepare for potential questions related to their mission, values, and specific job responsibilities. Additionally, practice answering these questions with a friend or family member or in front of a mirror to improve your confidence and delivery during the interview.

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