International Healthcare Recruitment in the UK


Amongst all the leading educational consultancies and recruitment consultancies for the healthcare, hospitality, and manpower industries, RSR Global is working to take the lead in almost every field with its hard work and zeal.
It has widened its features and aspects in terms of Hospitality Recruitment, Healthcare Recruitment, International Education, Property Management, Banking and Finance, and IT and Engineering, thus making itself one of the most sought-after recruitment agencies in the world.

Now let’s elaborate on some of these recruitment agencies, what they do and how they do it.

RSR Global is working to be among the leading overseas education consultant and recruitment agencies in the healthcare and manpower industry across the world. Its offices are spread across 17 countries and 37 locations. The most talented applicants are identified by RSR and at the same time, the company uses its expertise in identifying healthcare careers, by placing candidates effectively in suitable jobs
worldwide. RSR has a dedicated team of professionals who pride themselves in providing individualized services for both their clients and applicants.

RSR Global is listed on the UK code of Practice for the International Recruitment list and features in the NHS Employers which is a part of the NHS Confederation. As it’s believed that success is achieved through value-added services, respect, creativity, teamwork and integrity, RSR is thus listed on the Crown Commercial Service framework for recruitment.

RSR Global works with many leading nursing colleges across India and a variety of other countries as well. All the requirements are fulfilled for Nursing and Care Workers from India, the Philippines, the UAE, Ukraine, Poland, Australia and Singapore.
The term ‘healthcare’ means the preservation of mental and physical health of a person by preventing or treating illness through services offered by a health professional, and here are the recruitment opportunities RSR Global offers to support this:

  • Associate Specialist – Psychiatrist:

By joining as a full time Specialist / Specialty Doctor, the applicant will closely work with a committed MDT and assist the Consultant Psychiatrist in providing day-to-day medical expertise for care delivery and clinical leadership. The applicant is required to work 40 hours per week.

  1. Opportunities will be given to undertake clinical research, audit and contribute to the unit quality improvement initiatives.
  2. The Healthcare Agency takes utmost care to see that the employee gets the following benefits from the employer:
  3. Salary-Advantageous Remuneration
  4. The opportunity to progress to Consultant level
  5. Fantastic support from their senior consultants
  6. Support with the MRCPsych exams
  7. Study leave and CPD opportunities
  8. Company pension scheme
  9. Opportunity to undertake further learning and development opportunities
  • Healthcare Assistant – Senior Care Worker:

The work of a Senior Care Worker is to routinely monitor care-workers, care assistants and other supporting staff whilst also directly attending to personal needs of service users.

The applicant needs to have a positive attitude and should be self-motivated for care homes jobs,  As these roles involve a lot of leadership, the applicant must have exceptional managerial, multitasking, communication and

team leadership skills.

JOB OVERVIEW:Supervising and overseeing care workers

  • Managing and scheduling the roster, shift patterns and work plans as well as proactively
    arranging urgent cover requirements
  • Guiding care workers on health and safety as well as managing emergencies, providing in
    accordance with best practice and legislative requirements, reflecting policies and procedures
    and agreed standards under the direction of the Senior Care / Care Coordinator
  • Supporting and enabling Service Users to maintain skills and personal interests whilst
    delivering unique and catered care to the patients
  • Providing support to the registered manager with the day-to-day running of the services
  • Maintaining skills at a current level, undertaking such training and development as required
    from time to time to maintain and progress knowledge
  • Liaising with local community organizations and maintaining good relationships with
  • Preparing reports related to the progress of patients and recommending adjustments to care
    Managing budgets and ensuring financial effectiveness of medical care settings
  • Carrying out supervision, reviews, assessments and on-spot checks
  • Training, inducting and onboarding new employees and junior care workers to the working
    practice and systems in place
  • Assistance with other daily activities such as letter writing, accompanying patients to
    appointments, support in paying bills, collecting benefits when required
  • Assisting clients with personal care tasks, such as washing, meal preparation, dressing,
    eating, grooming and toileting
  • Inspection, assembly and maintenance of mobility equipment
    Performing light housekeeping tasks such as dusting, vacuuming and hanging bed clothes
  • Assisting to safe lifting, transferring, repositioning and movement of clients

The applicant needs to work 5 days over a 7 day period with varying shift patterns as agreed with the manager. Other than these, there are many other Healthcare jobs whose main objective is to maintain a cordial relationship with the patient. Attending to the requirements of the patient and the Healthcare Agency leaves no stone unturned to maintain the same with ease and comfort between the patient and the
Healthcare staff.


A similar MBBS curriculum is taught in the UK compared to many countries, therefore knowledge and skills are transferrable between several systems. Knowledge and skills gained in the applicant’s home country can be applied and developed further in specialized training in a developed country.

Useful support networks are available for new doctors as over 170,000 international doctors already practice in the UK. Many organizations and communities are present to help new doctors adjust.

The NHS is considered one of the top healthcare systems in the world and there is high international demand for knowledge and skills acquired by those working in the NHS.

The NHS currently has over 9000 vacant job roles and are looking to employ talented doctors from abroad, creating ample opportunity for international doctors to work in the NHS and access high- quality education and training, diverse experiences and a good salary. Many opportunities are available for non-UK graduates in general medicine, psychiatry, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics.

UK trainees can earn from £27,000 to £31,000 per annum for a 40-hour work. Trainee specialists can earn from £37,000 to £47,000. Specialists can earn from £57,000 to £110,000+. General Practitioners can earn £78,000 to £105,000. There is additional pay for overtime, nightshifts, weekend work and on-call allowances depending on the contract.


Medical professionals must possess official registration and a valid license to practice medicine legally, including duties that are restricted to medical professionals such as prescribing medication and validating deaths.The General Medical Council (GMC) is responsible for authorizing practice, a requirement applicable to all medical practitioners in the United Kingdom, regardless of their NHS or private sector employment status, whether full-time, part-time, permanent, or temporary.

This regulation entails various registration tiers, including provisional, complete, and inclusion in specialized or general practitioner (GP) rosters.



Every prospective medical practitioner intending to practice in the UK must register with the GMC, comply with the GMC’s ethical medical practice directives, and be subject to the GMC’s Fitness to Practice inquiries. Those possessing registration but lacking a license may engage in scholarly pursuits or work abroad but are barred from undertaking clinical tasks necessitating a practicing license under UK legislation.

Individuals lacking prior GMC registration must seek registration along with a practicing license. Unlicensed registration is impermissible in the UK.

UK registration requisites differ based on several criteria

  • Citizenship
  • Country of primary medical credential
  • The intended scope of practice
  • Fulfillment of postgraduate education or internships

Before registration, it is imperative to ascertain possession of an acceptable primary medical credential. In cases of uncertainty, applicants should authenticate the status of their qualifications with the GMC. Additionally, International Medical Graduates (IMGs) must substantiate their medical competence, while all applicants may be required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language before registration. NHS Employers furnish a comprehensive guide for IMGs on their official website.

It is essential to acknowledge that GMC registration does not ensure employment opportunities within the UK.


If you are not a UK/EEA national, you will also need to meet the requirements of UK Visas and immigration regulations to gain the right to enter and work in UK.


All UK medical graduates are required to undertake a two-year Foundation Program immediately following graduation. The Foundation Program forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training.

Once doctors have completed the Foundation Program, they may apply for a specialist or general practice training program.


  • Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
  • ENT UK
  • General Medical Council
  • General Pharmaceutical Council
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Royal College of Anesthetics
  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health
  • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  • Royal College of Physicians of London
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • The Royal College of Emergency Medicine
  • The Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • The Royal College of Pathologists
  • The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’


RSR Global is the best UK recruitment agency for nurses, it has access to hospital trusts looking for highly skilled nursing staff.

The United Kingdom offers one of the strongest healthcare systems in the world. Working for the National Health Service allows nursing staff to join a world class organization to provide high quality care to patients. With countless training and educational opportunities available, nursing staff have ample prospects for career progression and make real differences in people’s lives.

It works with a wide range of trusts and care homes across the United Kingdom to match the most skilled and experienced healthcare professionals for various roles. Currently, the United Kingdom is suffering a severe shortage of nurses and so is working hard to relieve some of the strain on the NHS and place talented nurses from across the world in the UK.

RSR Global are dedicated to find the perfect job opportunity for all the candidates who wants doctor job in uk,  and provide extensive support throughout the entire application process.

RSR Global also offers, in collaboration with Learn Care India, Bangalore, Simulation-based Medical
training for Nurses.


  • Job screening
  • IELTS/OET English examination support
  • Computer based test support
  • Document verification
  • Background and healthcare checks
  • Interview scheduling
  • VISA process support
  • Flight and accommodation bookings


  • Facilities provided at a cost; Airport transfer to the destination, meal on arrival, calling card.
  • Information on life in the UK including taxation, banking, housing, places of worship, rules and regulations, health and safety, education, medical care
  • Providing telephone helpline to discuss issues on mental well-being and work-life balance
  • Help and support to liaise with local communities


  • Recruitment of Band 5 and above NMC Registered Nurses
  • Fully qualified nurses with a BSc Nursing degree
  • Minimum one year work experience in relevant role
  • UKVI Academic IELTS 7.0 for reading, listening, speaking and 6.5 for writing or UKVI General IELTS 4.0 and OET Grade B
  • All necessary documentation verified, and healthcare checks conducted


We at RSR Global have worked within the healthcare and hospitality recruitment industry for decades and understand how important it is to secure the correct job that meets your needs and aspirations. Your dream job can take your career to new levels and provide you with opportunities to discover the world. We are here to uncover new possibilities, connect you to the world and make the whole recruitment experience more efficient and less stressful.

Our team of dedicated experts have an individualized approach to recruit all our prospective candidates. We work together with our applicants to identify their education, skills, career goals and lifestyle to ensure that we can find the perfect job for each professional. Our wide network of employers across 6 countries makes us equipped to bring your career to new heights.

We support our applicants throughout their entire recruitment process, from CV advice, interview preparation and immigration applications. We are prepared to provide you with specialist advice at every step of the journey. We believe that success is achieved through value-added services, respect, creativity, teamwork, and integrity so we strive to excel in every field.

We are committed to ensure that our clients meet their profit objective through intelligent and effective recruitment of key personnel. We specialize in a wide range of careers with public and private organizations across the world and are prepared to recruit the best professionals for suitable roles within the hospitality and healthcare industry.


We at RSR Global believe that anyone can achieve their dreams through hard work and correct guidance. Therefore, we work tirelessly to ensure that all our students and professionals are given accurate information and sufficient support to start an international career. We want to reduce some of the stress that comes with applications and help our students and professionals at every step of the journey undertaken.

Our passion for providing our applicants with the best global prospects stems from the talent we have seen across several industries. Young people have so much to offer and we want to provide them with the best opportunities to learn and succeed in their future.

We strive to become a household name for everyone considering an international career.


An international degree has global recognition which can make the whole world accessible to a young person. Studying abroad can provide students with amazing skills of cultural awareness, self-reliance and adaptability. It can shape a student’s portfolio and show employers that they can succeed in an environment outside their comfort zone. These attributes are essential for companies in the modern day and provide a gateway to international job prospects.

We at RSR Global are working hard to make overseas education and jobs accessible for all aspiring students and applicants in India. We have a vast global reach, with offices across the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Canada and Australia. We take pride in building trust and long- term working relations to help young people reach their full potential.

Our team of highly qualified advisors provide seamless support to prospective students through their entire admission process. We have first-hand experience across a wide range of courses from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Finance and Design.

Our Advisors and Agencies personally guide all students with the following:

  • Finding the best institution and course based on their strengths, interests and goals
  • Personal statement and application support
  • Relevant admissions test guidance
  • Interview preparation
  • University scholarships and funding
  • Respective permissions and student visa applications

We also specialize in international recruitment within healthcare, hospitality, banking and finance and IT and engineering. Our team of consultants work tirelessly to help match a good employer with a good candidate. Our pastoral care is now considered one of the best, as we walk down a qualified candidate all the way across to the doorsteps of an employer and further. So, what you are waiting for? Start an international journey with us and let us help you achieve your dreams.

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    Minimum Graduation is Degree or Diploma compulsory