Creating a CV


How to Make a Professional CV ?

A Curriculum Vitae is a formal document that gives a recruiter detailed information about the candidate’s education, professional experience, and skills. It the first piece of documentation that is produced while applying for a job, providing a clear reflection of the candidate’s experiences. Creating a polished and professional CV is of paramount importance, to create the vital initial positive impression on the employer.

It’s crucial for job seekers be it in Medical, Healthcare or Hospitality roles to learn the art of creating an impressive resume that captures the attention of recruiters.

To help you create a strong and impactful CV, we have curated the following 10 tips for preparing the perfect job-winning CV:

Top Tips To Create A Job-Winning CV

  • CHOOSE THE CORRECT CV TYPE: There are several resume formats available, such as the combination resume, chronological resume, and the functional resume. A chronological CV is ideal for applicants who have multiple years of work experience, whereas a new professional should opt for a functional CV, which places more emphasis on skills and education rather than work experience.
  • HAVE A BLUEPRINT FOR YOUR CV: Devoting some time to pre-planning and organizing the content of your CV is an excellent idea.
  • PROVIDE YOUR COMPLETE CONTACT INFORMATION: Your CV should contain your complete contact details, including your name, email address, phone number, home address and Skype ID.
  • REMEMBER TO USE AN IMPRESSIVE, SHORT AND ENGAGING HEADLINE: A CV headline summarizes your academic background, skills&certifications, alongside providing a brief understanding of your personality and career aspirations.
  • LIST YOUR EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Create a tabulated list and illustrate your academic credentials- no further than tenth grade, arranged in reverse chronicled order.
  • DEMONSTRATE YOUR SKILL SETS: Make a list of the skills you have, including soft skills, technical skills and job-specific skills relevant to the position that you are applying for.
  • ADD PROJECT DETAILS AND INTERNSHIPS: Specify the duration of projects and internships that you completed, as well as the role you played in them.
  • THROW LIGHT ON YOUR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Include a section that provides insights into your hobbies, interests and passions. Under this section, create a list of quiz competitions, college debates and sports that you took part in.
  • BE HONEST: Make sure your CV is100% genuine and does not contain any false information.
  • PROOFREAD YOUR CV BEFORE SUBMITTING: Double-check your CV for flaws in sentence structure, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Make sure that your CV is nicely formatted and that it uses the fontthroughout.

Submitting your CV

When it comes to applying for a job, there are several ways you can share your CV with an employer.

  • Saving your CV as a PDF- Most employers prefer to receive CV’s in the Portable Document Format(PDF).
  • Emailing a CV- When mailing a CV, you will likely be asked to send it as an attachment.
  • Posting a CV- When submitting your CV to a human resources website, review the upload instructions, the PDF is the most common format here as well.

Since a CV creates a first impression on the recruiter, it needs to have a unique effect. Following the steps above will enable applicants to produce an impressive resume to get shortlisted for a job interview with RSR Global within Medical, Healthcare or Hospitality recruitment.

    Note: Max file size should be 5Mb / File Type : PDF,Doc
    Minimum Graduation is Degree or Diploma compulsory