To assist in the running of an efficient and profitable kitchen, maintaining the correct staffing levels to ensure that attractive food of the highest quality is served efficiently and consistently. You will be required to lead by example whilst preparing and cooking food, and supervise and assist in the training of all staff within the department. You will be required to deputise in the Head Chefs absence.


You will need to be focused, motivated and well organised as well as being passionate about the industry. You will need good communication and management skills, and a clear understanding of what your HOD expects. You will need good business sense and the ability to work both as part of a team, and to be able to lead from the front. You will be expected to provide your HOD with all the support they need, and have a positive and flexible attitude towards your working environment.


To assist in promoting a consistent high standard of performance from staff which demonstrates good teamwork, effective communication, consistent positive results and continuous improvement. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

• To assist in the recruitment & selection of suitably qualified and experienced employees

• To ensure support, training and continuous assessment of all members of your department is on-going

• To ensure the correct level of staffing is achieved in order to deliver LM Standards of Service

• To assist in the effective management of the rota system in line with LM business objectives

• To help review the performance of your departmental employees

• To ensure the minimum acceptable levels of staff performance and conduct are consistently achieved

• To follow the disciplinary process in line with the current legislative and social guidelines and in conjunction with the HR department

• To motivate employees to acceptable standards conducive to a high level of achievement and performance

• To ensure that all departmental training sheets are completed with all staff, and the evidence is placed in the departmental folder


To assist in achieving 100% guest satisfaction whilst assuring the achievement of profitability targets. To ensure that your department staff are focused on putting the guest first and that Lympstone Manor’s Standards of Service are met and exceeded daily. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

• To ensure Lympstone Manors Standards & Order of Service are delivered at all times, auditing and monitoring regularly.

• To monitor all written or verbal complaints/issues and eliminate the root causes through the management of corrective action.

• To ensure all complaints are managed as per agreed complaint handling procedure.


To assist in the departmental service performance ensuring all food and associated service delivery meets the required standards. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

• To ensure that Service Standards are in line with LM Brand Strategy and LM business objectives.

• To ensure service standards are adhered to through regular assessment and training

• To ensure Standards of Service are consistently achieved

• Ensure temperatures are taken in accordance with Food Policy

• To communicate effectively with food service departments Safety, security and environment To ensure the safety, security & welfare of guests, colleagues and business assets at all times, in line with the Company’s Health & Safety and Food Policies & Procedures. Key Tasks and Responsibilities • To be fully aware of all Health & Safety Policy and Procedures relevant to your role and department.

• To be fully aware of the Company’s Food Policy and Food Handlers responsibilities in line with legislation and contractual obligations.

• To comply with all statutory & legal requirements and work in accordance with these regulations.

• To identify and report all maintenance requirements and Health & Safety hazards within your area. • Correct protective clothing worn at all times in line with

Health & Safety and Company guidelines

• To abide by the data protection act and treat all trade secrets and company and client information as confidential during and at any time after employment ceases with the company.

• To ensure that you do not divulge information, including through social media, about guests or discuss their stay with individuals other than Company employees.

• To ensure that all food commodities are received and stored correctly, temperature probed (if required) and used, or discarded, by the agreed date.

• To ensure that all store rooms, fridges, freezers etc are locked securely after each service.

• To ensure departmental employees are satisfactorily trained in all relevant H&S and Food Policies and procedures relevant to their role.


To assist in ensuring the department meets cost and profit targets ensuring fixed and variable costs are effectively managed. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

• To ensure that all dishes are costed correctly and are in line with the required profit margins

• To ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum, by utilising commodities for use in alternative food service outlets

• To regularly review suppliers standards and prices to ensure the business receives best value and practice available within the market place

• To ensure the Company purchasing policy and authority levels are adhered to


To ensure ordering and stock take procedures and systems are followed and completed in an accurate and timely manner. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

• To ensure stock within the business is managed to the agreed levels consistently and professionally, in conjunction with the Head Chef

• Assist in the management of stock so that waste is kept to a minimum


• To ensure your department and surrounding areas are clean and set up accordingly in line with Lympstone Manors Standards.

• To ensure that all areas are fully staffed in line with rota and forecast.

• To ensure that all members of staff are correctly dressed in line with Health & Safety and Company guidelines.

• To supervise all staff, ensuring they are working in a safe manner complying with Company and legal requirements – ensuring risks to you and others are minimised.

• To have a pre-service briefing, ensuring all staff members are fully aware of dish composition, preparation methods and their responsibilities and duties during service.

• To ensure all menus and HOD’s are updated with daily specials.

• To treat all complaints seriously, and resolve them if possible – passing on relevant information to Head Chef.

• To assist in ensuring all staff breaks are taken whilst maintaining standards of service.

• To be the point of contact between the kitchen and the Management/food service staff for any special requirement or general enquiry – in the Head Chefs absence.

• To assist in the completion and checking all time sheets and information required by the accounts department.

• To ensure all business orders/delivery notes etc are received and stored in the correct manner by competent members of staff.

• To adhere to the house rules

• The job will also include all other reasonable duties as may be required from time to time.

JOB DESCRIPTION – DECLARATION SOUS CHEF I have read, and understand all issues covered in this job description, and will abide by the points outlined.

    Note: Max file size should be 5Mb / File Type : PDF,Doc
    Minimum Graduation is Degree or Diploma compulsory