Role Details

Job Title:


Reports to:

Senior Carer/Nurse

Job Overview: (Note – In addition to these functions, employees are required to carry out such duties as may reasonably be required)

  • To provide care in accordance with best practice and legislative requirements, reflecting policies and procedures and agreed standards under the direction of the Senior Carer/Nurse
  • To support and enable service users to maintain skills and personal interests while delivering person-centred care unique to each individual
  • To maintain skills at a current level and undertake such training and development as required, from time-to-time, to maintain and progress knowledge


The service’s premises, but you may be required to work from other locations at the discretion of the company and with appropriate notice.

Working Hours:

5 days over 7-day period, with varying shift patterns as agreed with the manager.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Job

Role-specific Duties:

The Senior Carer’s/Nurse’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ensure that service users are at the heart of care delivery and their wishes and preferences are taken into consideration to enhance their wellbeing
  • To contribute to the efficient running of the service
  • Support service users to maintain their relationships and connections with the local community
  • Ensure care plans and other information about how to support service users are followed
  • Be responsible for informing the Senior Carer/Nurse of any changes in the needs of service users
  • Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of those individuals they support

Working with Others:

  • Develop effective working relationships with other employees within the service
  • Work in cooperation with members of the multidisciplinary teams to maximise opportunities for service users
  • If desired by the service user, maintain and develop relationships with their family, friends and other people important in their life

Leading by Example:

Other duties and responsibilities to be undertaken may include any (or all) of the items in the following list:

  • Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Be a role model for other carers and be an ambassador for the service
  • Be professional, polite and reasonable at all times

Personal and Professional Development:

  • Have a knowledge of, and work within, the Fundamental Standards
  • Understand the regulatory framework that governs the service, including the role of the CQC and its requirements
  • Commit to achieving the relevant qualifications commensurate with the role
  • Attend statutory training and any other training as directed by management
  • Understand and follow all policies and procedures relevant to the role
  • Be open to learning opportunities

Person Specification

*The selections for essential and desirable have been left intentionally blank for you to determine these.*

Specific Requirement for Qualifications



Good English – written and verbal

RQF qualifications in Social Care

Specific Requirement for Skills



Proficient Written Skills

Maintain all care plans/care records in accordance with the service’s policy

Leadership Skills

Ability to induct and orientate new employees to the job role and service

Provide service users with support/assistance as they accomplish daily tasks, including bathing, eating, dressing, grooming and using the bathroom

Communicate any problems, concerns or changes to service users’ family members as needed

Communication Skills

Carers must build a rapport with service users by establishing personal connections and showing an interest in their lives

Carers must be able to communicate effectively with service users

Carers must have the communication skills to inform colleagues, management and professionals about the needs of service users

Problem-solving Skills

Carers need to be able to adapt to and address situations quickly

Plan, develop, implement and assess approaches to promote health and wellbeing, whilst recognising and reporting situations where there might be a need for protection

Specific Requirement for Skills



Disposition/Personal Attributes

Specific Requirement for Previous Experience



Previous experience of working in a similar environment

Previous experience of working in a similar role

Experience of working with service users, in particular, those that may have additional support needs

Specific Requirement for Immunisations/Vaccinations



Values-based Personal Qualities


Specific Requirement

Working Together

  • Involve service users, families, external agencies and colleagues
  • Speak up when things go wrong

Respect and Dignity

  • Understand person-centred care and can demonstrate treating people as individuals and respecting choices
  • Promoting independence and encouraging appropriate risk taking

Everybody Counts

  • Ensuring no one is discriminated against or excluded
  • Understand human rights and impact on care delivery
  • Facilitating people to ‘speak up’ about concerns and acting upon them

Commitment to Quality of Care

  • Striving for quality in everything we do recognising and understanding what quality in care means for people using the services
  • Being accepting about criticism and focusing on improvement
  • Being open to new opportunities for learning and identifying the limits of skills and knowledge


  • Treating people with kindness
  • Understanding the importance of empathy in all areas of employment
  • Understanding the values of others and always providing a caring service

Improving Lives

  • Focus on how things could be done better and sharing ideas
  • Understanding of wellbeing and what is important to people using the service
  • Improving outcomes for people
  • Ensuring appropriate services are provided for people using the services

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    Minimum Graduation is Degree or Diploma compulsory