Job Description for the Global Fellow – Psychiatrist role:

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Job Description

1.Service details – the Post is for the role of a Speciality doctor for SH an acute psychiatric inpatient unit. The service consists of 52 bedded low inpatient unit.

The service at Southern Hill Hospital is designed to provide assessment and treatment for mental health problems utilising appropriate assessment, by skilled professionals working with the patient to ensure an individualised treatment plan is formulated.

We aim to provide a high standard of treatment and care in a safe and therapeutic setting for patients who have been assessed by Home treatment teams/ psychiatric community teams as requiring hospital care usually due to the patient being assessed as being a serious risk to themselves or others and being unable to engage with treatment at home. Admissions are considered when this is essential for a person’s progress to recovery from the acute stage of their illness.

2. The clinical model: an overview

2.1 Referrals:

All referrals will be considered for working age adults and older people who have a pre-diagnosed mental health illness or people who are experiencing their first episode of mental health illness.

2.2 Referral Process

Referrals are accepted from bed management teams across the country. Referral information such as current risk assessment and clinical records are requested and on receipt are reviewed by a minimum of a senior nurse and a doctor on call. The decision to admit and the referrer is made aware within 1 hour.

2.3 Conditions treated:

The following conditions are treated in the hospital:

3. Local working arrangements

The new speciality doctor will work at SH hospital. It has an established multi-disciplinary team, with consultant, psychology, occupational therapy, social work and nursing and health-care support work provision.

4. Continuing professional development (CPD) CPD is actively supported by the organisation. Study leave is available for training and continuing professional development, and study leave entitlement is 5 days each year with access to study leave funding. Reasonable expenses will be met for courses that are supported by the CPD peer group and where this training cannot be provided locally. The post-holder is expected to take part in CPD within the framework of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The post holder will be expected to remain in good standing with the Royal College of Psychiatrists taking account of College CPD guidance. For international graduates, further study leave will be offered at the discretion of Medical director.

5. Clinical leadership and medical management

The organisation expects doctors to participate in all aspects of clinical governance, and ensure their involvement in service planning and development, including wider developments in service provision and teaching and training opportunities.

Doctors will:

· work with other senior clinical team members to ensure that colleagues understand the professional status and specialty of all team members, their roles and responsibilities in the team, and who is responsible for each aspect of patient care

· work with other senior clinical team members to ensure that staff are clear about their individual and team objectives, their personal and collective responsibilities for patient and public safety, and for openly and honestly recording and discussing problems

· communicate effectively with colleagues within and outside the team, ensuring that arrangements are in place for relevant information to be passed on to the team promptly

· work with other senior clinical team members to ensure that all team members have an opportunity to contribute to discussions and that they understand and accept the decisions taken

· encourage team members to co-operate and communicate effectively with each other

· work with other senior clinical team members to ensure that each patient's care is properly coordinated and managed, and that patients are given information about whom to contact if they have questions or concerns; this is particularly important when patient care is shared between teams

· work with other senior clinical team members to set up and maintain systems to identify and manage risks in the team's area of responsibility

· work with other senior clinical team members to monitor and regularly review the team's performance and take steps to correct deficiencies and improve quality

· work with other senior clinical team members to deal openly and supportively with problems in the conduct, performance or health of team members through Trust procedures

· work with other senior clinical team members to make sure that your team and the organisation could learn from mistakes

· respect the skills and contributions of team colleagues

6. Appraisal and job planning Annual appraisal will take place with a trained medical appraiser. This will provide all the information necessary for the General Medical Council revalidation process. The job planning will be ongoing following any recommendations from the appraisal process and will be with the chief Medical Officer of the organisation. The service is in the process of being registered as a designated body with an attached RO for the purpose of revalidation.

7. The post-holder will have a comprehensive local induction.

8. Research There are no dedicated research sessions attached to the post. However, individuals wishing to take part in research activities will be encouraged and supported.

9. Clinical Governance All consultants and senior staff in services are expected to contribute to clinical governance. There is a strong focus on learning from incidents and embedding quality improvement activity in both services. The organisation expects clinical governance to include evidence-based practice, risk management, policy and procedure, user and carer involvement and clinical audit.

10. Clinical duties of post-holder

The clinical duties are as follows. The post-holder will:

· Work in conjunction with the consultant to provide a service for up to 29 inpatients.

· Provide regular psychiatric reviews of inpatients.

· Contribute to risk assessment and risk management undertaken by the Multidisciplinary Team.

· Provide medical management for inpatients on a day-to-day basis. This will include carrying out physical examination, doing bloods and ECG’s (When the nurse practitioner who conducts this is not available). Linking with the medics at the general hospital when necessary.

· Provide routine psychiatric advice and support to colleagues within the Multidisciplinary Team.

· Ensure with medical colleagues that cover is provided for the service during normal working hours.

· Ensure that his/her prescribing practice follow Nice guideline or the Audley prescribing Guidelines and will ensure that they keep up to date with clinical advances in treatment.

· Set personal objectives for career development and ensure that these tie in with the other responsibilities of the post.

· Provide pre-admission assessment and advice for patients who are referred to our service; and to prepare assessment reports under consultant supervision

· Complete reports as necessary, depending on the experience, for Mental Health Act review tribunals and managers’ hearings

General duties

· To undertake administrative duties, including the use of electronic or paper records associated with the care of patients.

· To ensure that clinical activity is accurately and comprehensively recorded and submitted.

· To participate in annual appraisal.

· To comply with the organisation's agreed policies, procedures.

· The post holder will be expected to work with the hospital director and professional colleagues in the efficient running of services in the medical contribution to management.

· To maintain professional registration with the General Medical Council and to abide by professional codes of conduct

11. Mental Health Act approval

The post-holder will be encouraged to apply for Sec 12 (2) training MHA as part of their professional development. There is no requirement for Approved Clinician (AC) approval.

12. Secretarial support and office facilities

The post holder will have their own desk, access to a secretary and workstation, email and internet access.

13. Work programme It is envisaged that the post holder will work 10 programmed activities over 5 days. This will be subject to the usual job planning processes. Monday to Friday from 09:00- 17.30 with a lunchbreak of 30 mins.

14. On-call and cover arrangements

The post holder is expected to provide some on-call off site cover about 4 days a week. These may include weekend cover about twice a month. Leave must be authorised by the onsite Consultant and in turn discussed with the Chief Medical officer if cover is required during the leave period.

15. Person specification/selection criteria

As an Equal Opportunities employer, the organisation welcomes applications from candidates with lived experience of mental health issues or disabilities.

Essential Professional Qualifications Recognised Basic Medical Degree Full GMC Registration with license to practice

Sec 12(2) Approval MHA 1983 Application(desirable)

Clinical Experience 3 years’ full time hospital service in Psychiatry/Paediatrics or General medicine (CT3 or higher grade) since registration

Experience of assessing and treating patients in acute & community settings Knowledge of UK Hospital Systems (or equivalent) Experience in other Psychiatric sub-specialities desirable like Forensic Psychiatry.

Skills and Knowledge Ability to take a full history, mental state and physical examination on patients Ability to manage own time, workload and prioritise clinical workload Knowledge of risk management

Previous experience of inpatient services

Excellent written and oral communication skills Dictate clear, concise letters to other professionals Competent to work without direct supervision Good understanding of ICD 10 diagnoses, Ability to use IT, including e-mail and the internet Knowledge.

Satisfactory CRB enhanced disclosure

16. Leave Entitlements:

28 days of annual leave inclusive of Bank Holidays, 5 days of study leave. Any leave of longer than 10 days requires approval of the CEO of the organisation.

Availability of clinical and educational supervision: there will be clinical supervision from the consultant the candidate is working for. In addition, there will be managerial supervision. We have appointed senior clinical consultants and they will be able to provide education supervision once every fortnight for the candidates.

– Cross covering arrangements: These will be during leave and sickness periods with planning. If longer leave is required efforts will be made to cover the posts using a locum doctor but subject to approval from hospital/ Medical director.

On calls – 1 in 4 on calls. These are residential on calls/ sleeping on calls. If the on call is busy the candidate will be given sufficient rest period, the next day after the on call.

Time off after on call; remuneration for on calls etc.: as above. There is no extra remuneration for on call. The basic pay was 74k however the extra money i.e. 6 K was a reflection of the on calls undertaken in the year. The fee of 80k was for the first year of employment. However, the organisation would review the pay depending on performance after a year in post.

Sessions per week for training and development: There would be provision for 1 day in the job plan/week to help the candidate do their masters. In addition, the candidates would get 1 week of study leave to have the time to do their professional development and have a certificate of good standing with the CPD. Candidates would also have access to do Mandatory training via an online platform and intermediate Life support on site.

Time for Masters/PG certificate/diploma that clinical fellows would require as part of BTA. As noted above, in the job plan of 2 sessions in the week to do this.

    Note: Max file size should be 5Mb / File Type : PDF,Doc
    Minimum Graduation is Degree or Diploma compulsory