Questions to ask a job recruiter before an interview


Doing a little homework before an interview is the best advice someone can give you. But is this advice complete? Pre-interview preparation doesn’t only mean to prepare for the questions you might get asked but the questions you can ask the interviewer before and during the interview. Confused? We got you!

Remember, your workplace is like a second home, so gear up to prepare a list of questions to ask the recruiter before an interview and making a final move. We are here to get your research game up!

Asking questions before an interview is one efficient way to prepare for it. It gives you an extra edge during the interview and presents a very confident image to the interviewer.

Questions to ask the Hiring Manager before an interview

It is supremely important to discover what is expected of you during a job interview. A lot depends upon how you portray yourself in the interview. So, prepare well by asking some important questions to the recruiter before an interview. Here is a list of a fewimportant questionsone must ask.

  1. When the interview scheduled and how many candidates are are appearing?

Let’s start from the basic. Be sure about the interview timings by asking the recruiter directly. Sometimes, due to the difference in time zones, especially in case of a remote interview, there can beconfusion. So, make sure to confirm the date and the time zone of the interviewer.

Also, it is important to know the approximate number of people you are going to enter into a competition with. This will help you to gauge your preparation better.

  1. Who will be on the interview panel?

This question contains much importance as this is going to help with your pre-interview preparation. If you have an idea about the people who will interview you, you will be able to craft your questions mindfully. You will have a fair idea about what to ask and to whom. You can also estimate the questions that will come your way, if you know the role and position of the interviewer/interviewers.

Also, you will get a chance to know the work culture of the company by knowing your interviewer. If the interviewer is from the same team you are supposed to work with, this lets you know that the company values teamwork. If it is from the other team, you can tell that the company focuses on interdepartmental interaction and understanding too.

  1. Is there anything I need to prepare for specifically?

This one is must to ask. You should know if there is anything the interviewer wants you to present during the interview. Taking notes on this is going to extremely helpful for the interview.

  1. What type of questions should I expect in the interview?

You might not get a clear answer for this one but still it is important to fathom at least the type of questions you will be asked. The person who reached out to you for the interview call should be able to pass on some idea on the types of questions the hiring manager likes to ask. You can ask the following questions to be certain,

  • Will I get questions centred onmy resume?
  • Will the focus be on behavioural interview questions?
  • Is there going to be some test that I need to prepare for?
  1. What is the duration of interview?

Knowing the interview duration will help you strategize your performance and plan your day accordingly. For a walk-in interview, there is always an uncertainty about the number of people going to appear before you and how much time will an individual takeinsideunlike a virtual interview which has a proper schedule. So, gathering information about the length of the interview will prepare you mentally and save exhaustion.

  1. What skills should I stress on from my experience?

Make sure the recruiter gives you the proper description of the role you will be acquiring in the company. Gather information on the most preferable skills and the responsibility that comes with the position. This will help you align your preparation in the same direction.

  1. Is there any dress code?

Though we all tend to follow a formal dress code for our interviews but that is not always the case. To save you from Oops, it is advised to always confirm the dress code before crashing at an interview. You don’t want to ruin your first impression, so whatever you choose to wear should be parallel to company’s attire. You obviously don’t wish to be Don Draper in a room full of BTS boys!


The mantra to ace your interview is to be always one step ahead. Don’t let any opportunity to stand-out as the right candidate in front of the employer slip away. The interview starts right at the time you click on submit application. Asking questions before an interview to the recruiter will highlight your interest in the job and prepare you for the next stage.

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Top reasons, why you should research a company before an interview?

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Preparation before an interview

You may have received countless advice on how to boost your preparation for an interview. But remember, the most significant stepbefore an interview is researching the employer.A little research prior to an interview goes a long way. Researching an employer equips the interviewee with the power of captivating the attention of the interviewer and stand out as a candidate.

Reasons to research an employer

  1. Helps you to align yourself with the company’s goal.
  2. You will learn about the work culture and goals of the company.
  • You will be ready to present yourself according to company demands.
  1. It projects your interest in the job.
  2. Gives clarity if the company is the right fit for you.
  3. Enables you to come up with appropriate questions.

High time to dive into what you can do before an interview and what exactly to research about a company.

Reasons to research a company before an interview

  • Point yourself in the direction of the company’s goal and mission: There is no better way to show that you are the right candidate for the job than this. Do detailed research about the history of the company and its mission. Gather points where the company’s goal and your past experiences intersect andinclude them in relevant answers.

For example,if a company values leadership and accountability, it becomes relevant for you to share experiences where you demonstrated these skills.

Your alignment with the goals of the company will cut you to the top of the list andmakes you an obvious choice for the hiring team.

  • Learn about the work culture of the company:It is incredibly important to understand the culture and core values of a company before an interview. Every company holds up a unique perspective which goes further than just business. If you understand the vision of the company and have your research in place, you are going to have an extra edge in your interview.

Getting acquainted with the company’s culture, mission and values will not only help during the interview but willmake it easy for you to adapt to the company’s environment later.

  • Show the employer your interest in the job:

The top advice for job seekers is to never disappoint the employer by making an impression that you do not know anything about the job you are interviewing for. The basic things to research before landing the interview are suggested below,

  • Know who is the CEO.
  • The year the company became functional.
  • Types of services the company offers
  • Company’s agenda
  • Company’s headquarters and ranking
  • All recent updates, especially within your team
  • Research helps to know if the company is a right fit for you:

Have you ever heard that the success rate is directly proportional to how happy you are in what you do? Yes, that isright!

Prior research before an interview helps you possess a better idea if the company is the right place for your individual professional growth.

Checking reviews of the employees and the clients is the most significant part before an interview. You can always seek help from Google to go through the company’s reviews and acquire general information about the company. There are some specialised sites that can help you with detailed reviews.

Be ready to cast an excellent impression and stay one step ahead by spending a little timeresearching the employer.

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