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The healthcare industry is irrefutably one of the largest industries, not only in the UK, but world. Candidates with nursing degree have a great potential of bagging employment as it is one of the most employable degrees in the UK. A significant percentage of graduates with nursing degree land the jobs within very less time and it becomes even easier if stumbled upon the right nursing recruitment agency. The concept of a lifetime job might be shriveling slightly in the modern world, peerless patient demand means that a nursing career offers both security and a sense of purpose few others could match. It is undebatable that healthcare recruitment agencies like RSR Global, are making the recruitment process seamless for interested candidates and serving them the best options by opening the doors to implausible opportunities.

Requisite Skills to be a nurse in the UK

  • Before anything, one must possess a Nursing degree. If you are thinking to make a career in nursing, the first step is to get a degree, but remember, to excel in the profession, it takes much more than a qualification.
  • Great communication skills are definitely going to give you an extra edge. As the profession demands you to deal with a variety of patients and handle undesirable situation, being able to communicate effectively is going to ease out many creases in your way.
  • Pliability is another trait that nurses need to inherit. The toughness of the nursing job is beyond the shadow of question. So, being patient and resilient is as important as having a nursing degree.

Soaring nursing vacancies in the UK

As already discussed, due to unprecedented patient demand especially during the pandemic, the nursing jobs are one of the most demanding and popular jobs in UK. As of 2022, there have been more than 40,000 nurse vacancies which is the highest since records began. This figure is higher from 38,814 at the same time last year. This is enough evidence to show that healthcare industry is relentlessly blooming and is a field of opportunities.

Nursing recruitment agencies in the UK

It takes passion to aspire for a job of a nurse and RSR global is the most trusted bridge for such passionate candidates to meet with the best options out there. The consultant takes the sole responsibility to hold up for the candidates and find the best available options for them. It is one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK today, helping numerous talented applicants to establish their healthcare careers. In RSR Global, we believe in the quality and excellence and help channelize the potential and skills into a constructive manner by helping the candidates to get their dream jobs.

Nursing degree options to choose from

It is foremost to realize your interest and passion. Working as a healthcare professional demands a lot from you but is a highly rewarding career. A diploma or a degree in nursing is the most popular route into a nurse career. There are 4 main nursing degree specialist routes to choose from.

  • Adult nursing
  • Children nurse
  • Learning & disabilities nurse
  • Mental health nurse

Depending upon your forte, RSR Global serves as a viaduct between you and the employers. Having the subject knowledge, being skillful and equipped with adequate training and experience are some non-negotiables in order to step into the nursing job. If you are passionate enough to serve and yet looking for security in a job, healthcare sector is definitely an option to consider. The opportunities are endless and so are rewards.


The modern world is a launching pad for many new industries among which the care giving industries are gaining prominence due to an upsurge in demand. The profession has been widely acknowledged in the UK and the wave in the demand has attracted many international caregivers to the country. There are several factors accountable for the rise in care worker jobs in uk, one of which is the ageing population of the UK.

Statistics depicting the high demand for Care home jobs in the UK

A recent survey has shown that there have been 12 million people in the UK who are above the age of 65. Almost half of these 12 million accounts to be 75 and above. It is quite obvious that these people do need some personal care and assistance which sometimes can’t be offered by their families due to busy lives. This is where the concept of home caregivers comes into existence. This data emphasizes that care worker jobs are gaining prominence in the UK.

What does a Care Worker job demand from you?

A home caregiver has a multitude of jobs. Besides giving assistance to old people, a caregiver lends physical and emotional support to those with disabilities (permanent or temporary) and also those who need prolonged care. One needs to possess the following requirements, if longing to step into the care assistant job in uk.

  • Any of the following degree, ANM, GNM or BSc. Nursing. If you are willing to pursue careeras a caregiver, enrolling for the course is the first step.
  • Having some experience is always going to work in favor of the applicant.
  • Communication skills: Never underestimate the magic great communication skills. If you aren’t native and looking for care home jobs in UK, make sure to develop the command over the native language. For foreign nationals, a good score in ILETS(above 5.0) is an extremely important criterion..

Job Responsibility

  • Understanding the need of the client and making sure to meet each one of them.
  • Should possess a comforting spirit and offer emotional and physical assistance to fulfill the necessary task.
  • Monitor improvements and help with fitness and administer medications

Other than aforementioned responsibilities, there can be numerous responsibilities depending upon the need of the client and the situation you have been put into

Why should you choose a home care nursing job in the UK?

As mentioned earlier, home care services are skyrocketing in the UK. Hence, this is a highly promising field and can offer a wide range of benefits. Some of them are,

  • Tremendous job opportunities
  • Financial stability: This job promises the best salary.
  • If you are a foreign national and work for five years as a caregiver in the UK, you will become eligible for a UK PR visa.
  • Other than financial security, being a caregiver gives a sense of purpose and is a highly fulfilling job in itself.

How can recruitment agencies help you get your dream job?

Needless to mention, home care recruitment agencies are going to serve as a catalyst in the process of finding a care worker jobs in uk for you, best suited to your needs. The Consultant experts of RSR Global are just one click away, dedicated to bring you the best possibility based on your profile evaluation.