UK recruitment agency in Kerala

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency cascades between the employer and the candidates looking for work. These agencies can either be regional, locally established, national or international and can make available several opportunities for aspiring candidates in a number of sectors, such as, health, legal, personal services, education, and retail. UK recruitment agencies are gaining prominence in the Kerala region of India as people are more willing to migrate to other countries for work.  RSR Global is a UK-based international recruitment agency helping many people from India find jobs in the United Kingdom. It specializes in healthcare recruitment and much more.

Job vacancies for Indians in the UK

There has been a surge in job vacancies in the UK attributed to the scarcity of workers on account of Brexit. In order to meet the demand for new services, many businesses are looking for new employees. These vacancies are not only open to British workers but foreign nationals too, who are willing to relocate.

How can UK job recruitment companies in Kerala help to secure jobs in the UK?

If you are aspiring to work in the UK and looking for the right job that matches your profile, then you have stumbled upon the right page. RSR global has been working for many years in Kerala and has helped numerous people to find their dream jobs in the United Kingdom. Our consultants work relentlessly with candidates and help them with every aspect of job searching. We offer a plethora of opportunities in the field of hospitalityeducation, and the health sector. If you wish to pursue your career in the health sector and are looking for nursing jobs in the UK, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Rising number of Indian (Kerala) nurses in the UK

The data for the current year by The Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC) depicts a massive number of Indian nurses, approximately 40,000, on the council’s register. This is unquestionably higher than any of the preceding years. This data provides enough evidence that the demand and rate of recruitment of Indian nurses in the UK and both high.

UK nursing recruitment agency in Kerala

An estimation from WHO has shown that 30 percent of nurses who studied in Kerala work in the United Kingdom today. Health professionals from India tend to move to the UK in a quest for better pay and other privileges. The role of nurse recruitment agencies is beyond the shadow of question to make such candidates meet the jobs of their dreams. RSR global as a nursing recruitment agency in Kerala ensures its candidates a seamless transition in their journeys and standard nurse package.

What do you need to be a nurse in the UK?

As you know, the primary criterion is to have a nursing degree but there are several other factors that govern the chance of bagging a job at a highly reputed place. Some very important points have been enlisted below;

  1. Language proficiency: This is one of the non-negotiable. Proving your caliber in terms of English proficiency is a must. Apart from speaking, you must prove that you can read and write effectively too. In order to prove so, you can take either of the two examinations:
  1. CBT Test: It is mandatory to pass the computer-based test.
  2. Relevant experience in the same field
  3. Submit documents for the National and Midwifery council. You will then be assessed if you are good enough for the role.
  4. Submit personal documents to the NHS trust.
  5. Certificate of sponsorship: It is fair to count ‘certificate of sponsorship’ under must-haves. It should be inclusive of all the information about the role you have been offered.
  6. Visa application

Some unmatched perks of serving as a nurse in the UK

  • More holidays as compared to an Indian nurse
  • Relatively lesser working hours
  • Decent salary
  • NHS (National health service) Pension
  • Free schooling for children (until 18 years)
  • Free health and dental services for you and your family
  • Provision for leave
  • Mandatory breaks in between shifts

Why choose RSR global?

RSR global promises to cater to all your needs and eases out the whole recruitment process. We will help you with proper counseling and guide you through each step. We understand what works best for applicants and help by reinforcing them with proper training for faster recruitment. With RSR global, you are choosing the right hands to shape your golden future.

The UK is a land of massive job opportunities that can moldy our career into a better shape. RSR global, one of the leading hospitality recruitment agencies in london has been working for several years to assist you in the best way possible and has broadened its spectrum in terms of recruitment in the field of hospitality.

The past few years have shown a dramatic spike in the demand for hotel job in uk, People studying in other countries fly down to the UK in search of hotel jobs on account the numerous opportunities the country has to offer.

RSR Global, a team of super talented experienced consultants, helps provide diverse options well-suited to the profiles of aspiring candidates.

UK hotel job vacancies

In the hospitality sector, hotel jobs are gaining unprecedented popularity as it offers lucrative career options. In the UK, the demand for these jobs is so strong and hence, the vacancies for hotel staff are soaring with great numbers.

RSR Global provides a gateway for aspiring candidates to land the most reputable jobs at prestigious hotels in the country. It keeps you updated about various hotel jobs in uk and guides you throughout the recruitment process thereby making the whole process easier and faster.

What career options are available in hotel jobs?

Depending upon the qualification and the kind of experience one possesses, there are plenty of positions available in a hotel to work for. Some of them are enlisted below,

  • Concierge: This is an entry-level job. However, some hotels (luxury) might demand experience in the field of hospitality. A Concierge has a variety of roles to play and get to directly interact with customers.
  • Executive chef: Supervises food operations in a restaurant, hotel, casino, or other such places that serve food.
  • Hotel General Manager: Ensures smooth running of a hotel by checking upon guests, managing hotel staff, and handling finances, among other responsibilities.
  • Event Planner: Many hotels with the capacity to organize events ranging from small conferences to mega parties require an event planner. Their job is to work with a company, or an individual, to plan an event and do all necessary arrangements.
  • Housekeeper: The responsibility of a housekeeper involves the maintenance of hygiene standards throughout a hotel.
  • Waiter/Waitress: They have direct interaction with the customers i.e. taking orders from them, serving food and beverages; and taking payments.

What do you need to possess to score the best hotel management job in uk ?

As discussed, hotels offer an extensive range of jobs, so that means you can start without any specific qualifications. For an instance, if you are looking for the job of a waiter/waitress, no formal education is required but strong communication and interpersonal skills are indispensable.

Some hotel jobs that come with managerial roles require you to possess a degree or a certificate in hotel management.

Having relevant experience will always favor you, no matter what type of job you are entering. So, if you have some years of experience in hotel management with a diploma or a degree, your chances of accomplishing a well-paid job become higher.

Last but not least, language proficiency is an unavoidable parameter that determines your placement in the hospitality industry.

What salary should you expect in UK Hotel Jobs?

Honestly, salary potential in hotel jobs varies indefinitely. Nevertheless, there are certain roles in hotel management that offer decent and lucrative packages.

The range of salary for hotel managers varies from £20,000 to £40,000. It is highly dependent on the size and location of the hotel. In London, the average salary of general managers is way higher ranging from £50,000 – £200,000, for highly prestigious hotels.

Other perks

  • Easy placement and tremendous opportunities
  • Job flexibility
  • Lowered education cost in the UK compared to the USA
  • Paid vacations
  • Employee codes and other benefits

Hotel job in UK are thriving relentlessly and offer career advancement opportunities. To secure a better place, it is always suggested to refer to a hospitality recruitment agency, like RSR Global which specializes in this department and has the most promising consultants in the country, ready to help and guide you at every step. Letting you on the right path and direction is as vital for us as it is for you!

At RSR Global, the sales team is the engine that drives the global consumer reach of our packaging solutions. We’re seeking a qualified sales manager who can help keep this engine running with their own sales skills as well as leadership of a team of driven sales representatives. The ideal sales manager has deep experience with the entire sales process, excelling at lead generation, relationship building, and deal closing. We’re looking for a quick learner who has strong negotiating skills — someone with a successful track record who can inspire the same performance in others. The role demands a leader who has a sharp mind and an ability to coach, advise, motivate, or replace sales representatives while building and maintaining a high-performance team.

Objectives of this role

  • Represent the company effectively with comprehensive knowledge of our offerings
  • Research consumer needs and identify how our solutions address them
  • Hire, train, motivate, and advise a team of sales representatives
  • Achieve company objectives by planning thoroughly, setting sales goals, analyzing performance data, and making forecasts
  • Develop skills continuously for hiring, training, and leading team members, and ensure that they’re using effective sales tactics to meet revenue objectives
  • Generate leads, and establish and nurture client relationships


  • Create and execute a strategic sales plan that expands our customer base and extends the company’s global reach
  • Meet with potential clients and grow long-lasting relationships that address their needs
  • Recruit sales representatives, set objectives, train and coach them, and monitor their performance
  • Identify knowledge gaps within the team and develop plans for filling them
  • Ensure that company quotas are met by holding daily check-ins with sales team to set objectives and monitor progress
  • Manage the month-end and year-end close processes

Required skills and qualifications

  • Five or more years of experience in managing sales in a corporate setting
  • Proven record of success with the entire sales process, from planning to closing
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Superb leadership ability
  • Ability to travel at least 20% of the time

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Motivational speaking experience
  • Proven success rate at levels above sales quota

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really great job. I am glad that I decided to opt for RSR Global for the job process in the UK. Everything was so perfect from start to end and everything was explained very well and clearly at every time.

RSR Global is top most trusted international recruiting agency. There staff helping in every single step from starting your process till you reached your destination

I thankfully recommend RSR Global Ltd.UK for the excellent support extended to me in getting a Chef job in the UK.

I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received with rsr global. They have a deep understanding their craft and have done a great job communicating with me through the process. Thanks Mr. Rajesh & Ms. Manisha.

RSR Global is been a great helping hand in making it easy to find me a placement abroad. Raj sir and Manisha ma’am coordinated everything smoothly and helped me out in the whole process. They provided information related to the interviews and kept me updated about the progress. I’m thankful and grateful for their help.

The healthcare industry is irrefutably one of the largest industries, not only in the UK, but world. Candidates with nursing degree have a great potential of bagging employment as it is one of the most employable degrees in the UK. A significant percentage of graduates with nursing degree land the jobs within very less time and it becomes even easier if stumbled upon the right nursing recruitment agency. The concept of a lifetime job might be shriveling slightly in the modern world, peerless patient demand means that a nursing career offers both security and a sense of purpose few others could match. It is undebatable that healthcare recruitment agencies like RSR Global, are making the recruitment process seamless for interested candidates and serving them the best options by opening the doors to implausible opportunities.

Requisite Skills to be a nurse in the UK

  • Before anything, one must possess a Nursing degree. If you are thinking to make a career in nursing, the first step is to get a degree, but remember, to excel in the profession, it takes much more than a qualification.
  • Great communication skills are definitely going to give you an extra edge. As the profession demands you to deal with a variety of patients and handle undesirable situation, being able to communicate effectively is going to ease out many creases in your way.
  • Pliability is another trait that nurses need to inherit. The toughness of the nursing job is beyond the shadow of question. So, being patient and resilient is as important as having a nursing degree.

Soaring nursing vacancies in the UK

As already discussed, due to unprecedented patient demand especially during the pandemic, the nursing jobs are one of the most demanding and popular jobs in UK. As of 2022, there have been more than 40,000 nurse vacancies which is the highest since records began. This figure is higher from 38,814 at the same time last year. This is enough evidence to show that healthcare industry is relentlessly blooming and is a field of opportunities.

Nursing recruitment agencies in the UK

It takes passion to aspire for a job of a nurse and RSR global is the most trusted bridge for such passionate candidates to meet with the best options out there. The consultant takes the sole responsibility to hold up for the candidates and find the best available options for them. It is one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK today, helping numerous talented applicants to establish their healthcare careers. In RSR Global, we believe in the quality and excellence and help channelize the potential and skills into a constructive manner by helping the candidates to get their dream jobs.

Nursing degree options to choose from

It is foremost to realize your interest and passion. Working as a healthcare professional demands a lot from you but is a highly rewarding career. A diploma or a degree in nursing is the most popular route into a nurse career. There are 4 main nursing degree specialist routes to choose from.

  • Adult nursing
  • Children nurse
  • Learning & disabilities nurse
  • Mental health nurse

Depending upon your forte, RSR Global serves as a viaduct between you and the employers. Having the subject knowledge, being skillful and equipped with adequate training and experience are some non-negotiables in order to step into the nursing job. If you are passionate enough to serve and yet looking for security in a job, healthcare sector is definitely an option to consider. The opportunities are endless and so are rewards.


The modern world is a launching pad for many new industries among which the care giving industries are gaining prominence due to an upsurge in demand. The profession has been widely acknowledged in the UK and the wave in the demand has attracted many international caregivers to the country. There are several factors accountable for the rise in care worker jobs in uk, one of which is the ageing population of the UK.

Statistics depicting the high demand for Care home jobs in the UK

A recent survey has shown that there have been 12 million people in the UK who are above the age of 65. Almost half of these 12 million accounts to be 75 and above. It is quite obvious that these people do need some personal care and assistance which sometimes can’t be offered by their families due to busy lives. This is where the concept of home caregivers comes into existence. This data emphasizes that care worker jobs are gaining prominence in the UK.

What does a Care Worker job demand from you?

A home caregiver has a multitude of jobs. Besides giving assistance to old people, a caregiver lends physical and emotional support to those with disabilities (permanent or temporary) and also those who need prolonged care. One needs to possess the following requirements, if longing to step into the care assistant job in uk.

  • Any of the following degree, ANM, GNM or BSc. Nursing. If you are willing to pursue careeras a caregiver, enrolling for the course is the first step.
  • Having some experience is always going to work in favor of the applicant.
  • Communication skills: Never underestimate the magic great communication skills. If you aren’t native and looking for care home jobs in UK, make sure to develop the command over the native language. For foreign nationals, a good score in ILETS(above 5.0) is an extremely important criterion..

Job Responsibility

  • Understanding the need of the client and making sure to meet each one of them.
  • Should possess a comforting spirit and offer emotional and physical assistance to fulfill the necessary task.
  • Monitor improvements and help with fitness and administer medications

Other than aforementioned responsibilities, there can be numerous responsibilities depending upon the need of the client and the situation you have been put into

Why should you choose a home care nursing job in the UK?

As mentioned earlier, home care services are skyrocketing in the UK. Hence, this is a highly promising field and can offer a wide range of benefits. Some of them are,

  • Tremendous job opportunities
  • Financial stability: This job promises the best salary.
  • If you are a foreign national and work for five years as a caregiver in the UK, you will become eligible for a UK PR visa.
  • Other than financial security, being a caregiver gives a sense of purpose and is a highly fulfilling job in itself.

How can recruitment agencies help you get your dream job?

Needless to mention, home care recruitment agencies are going to serve as a catalyst in the process of finding a care worker jobs in uk for you, best suited to your needs. The Consultant experts of RSR Global are just one click away, dedicated to bring you the best possibility based on your profile evaluation.

Hospitality Jobs in the UK

Customers are at the heart of the hospital industry. When guests have the opportunity to stay at a hotel or resort, they seek a memorable experience. It is a hospitality professional’s responsibility to use their expert skills to maintain a friendly relationship with clients and ensure a pleasant stay. These skills are a vital component of hospitality, which professionals have been trained extensively through hospitality management degree qualifications and specialist on-job training

In-demand UK hospitality Jobs

Due to the enormous demand for hospitality employment around the world, earning a degree in this area can lead to a variety of fascinating career prospects in hotel management. As per the British Hospitality Association hospitality is the third-largest industry in the UK. Additionally, hospitality contributed an estimated £65 billion to the UK’s GDP in 2016. Hospitality is a massive industry that is continually growing, therefore a hotel management qualification in the UK can open countless avenues within the industry and be incredibly profitable.

Moreover, students qualified in various countries, including the UK, US, and Ukraine are extremely attracted to recruiters and hospitality organizations within the UK, seeking a role within this lucrative industry. Hospitality Recruitment agencies play a vital role in helping candidates relocate from their countries to the UK for such jobs.

Advantages of pursuing a hospitality management course and hospitality job in the UK

  • Job flexibility: Choose to work in a renowned hotel in a metropolis if you want to be in a fast-paced setting. On the other side, working at a beach or mountain resort is a possibility if you’re more suited to a lower environment! In hotel companies with locations across the nation or perhaps the world, there may be various travel opportunities.
  • Perks of the job: UK hospitality Jobs typically pay well for employees. The best hotels in the world are aware of what is needed to keep their staff content and provide appropriate salaries for their dedicated work; therefore, they frequently provide fantastic additional advantages like paid time off and employee discounts.
  • Opportunities for career advancement: Rather than hiring new employees who are unfamiliar with the organizational culture, most hotels prefer to promote their current hospitality professionals.

Job opportunities: If you graduate with a degree in hospitality management, you won’t have to worry about this problem because jobs of Hotel management are constantly available for graduates. Although prior experience is not required, you should have the appropriate training and display passion for the field.

You can get jobs in a variety of fields if you earn a degree in hospitality management. These professional options include:

Have you got the proven the ability to win new business as well as maintain and develop existing accounts?

  • Do you like working for a growing and ambitious team?
  • Are you an energetic, dynamic, and forward-thinking business development professional with a desire to build longevity in a growing and successful organisation?
  • Are you able to full time in return for a great remuneration and development package?
  • If so, we want to hear from you!

Responsible to : Director Operations
Base Location : Remote working
Salary : Attractive Wages & Non-Contractual Commission Scheme – subject to performance

Additional Allowance(s):

  • Share Options

Role Summary

  • Primary focus of the role will be to develop new sales, whilst also maintaining an element of existing account management and development.
  • Establish, maintain, and develop a portfolio of sales accounts, meeting and exceeding all reasonable client expectations with the recruitment sector.
  • To provide support to the Head of Sales in developing sales strategy for optimum yield.
  • To support the sales and B2B Division marketing function and peers nationally to develop synergies, increasing revenue streams and working strategically to ensure longevity with existing customers whilst forming robust links with new business leads.
  • To work collaboratively with colleagues, cross functionally, raising the profile of sales activities, and working to ensuring that the interface with Service Delivery and Finance is joined up (thereby ensuring that processing for cash collection / invoicing / customer queries are resolved in a timely way).

Specific Responsibilities

  • To achieve ambitious sales targets in line with business objectives.
  • To contribute to management information associated with sales, providing analysis, and recommendations which will help strategic planning.
  • To develop an understanding of the key challenges for clients, minimising complaints, and pre-empting any recurring issues / themes in service and quality delivery.
  • To ensure that any complaints when they do arise, are fully investigated, and satisfactorily resolved, ensuring that institutional lessons are learned, and repeated issues do not occur.
  • Expand customer base, building and maintaining rapport and responsiveness whilst identifying new customers.
  •  Competent and optimal use of CRM systems, databases national and social media.

Person Specification

  • Broad knowledge of the recruitment service (or transferable understanding)
  • Good general standard of education
  •  Evidence of continuing professional development within a sales environment
  • Broad understanding of selling strategies and techniques underpinned by proven experience
    and success at sales delivery.
  • Knowledge of contract management /service level agreements
  • Proven experience of sustained achievement of sales targets – preferably within the sector /
  • Experience of managing complex budgets and achieving value for money for the client.
  • Experience of working for a franchise / networked organisation.
  • Performance managing third parties and internal staff where necessary.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good verbal and written skills
  • Ability to work across multiple sites and to work remotely.
  • Ability to simplify complex information to non-technical audiences.
  • Ability to build rapport with staff and third parties’ staff at all levels
  • Ability to influence and negotiate
  • Ability to plan long term sales strategies
  • Practical, Problem solver, Customer focused, Commercially aware
  • Collaborative, Team player, Results driven
  • Looking for longevity / commitment with a developing organisation.


  • 21 days annual leave – plus bank holidays
  •  Company Events
  • Hybrid Working / Agile Working
  • Occupational Health Support

Job Types : Full-time, Permanent
Schedule : Monday to Friday
Supplemental pay types : Commission pays

Application deadline: 30/09/2022
Reference ID: BDM-RSR x 2

Job Description

Accountant responsibilities include auditing financial documents and procedures, reconciling bank statements and calculating tax payments and returns. To be successful in this role, you should have previous experience with bookkeeping and a flair for spotting numerical mistakes


  • Manage all accounting transactions
  • Prepare budget forecasts
  • Publish financial statements in time
  • Handle monthly, quarterly and annual closings
  • Reconcile accounts payable and receivable
  • Ensure timely bank payments
  • Compute taxes and prepare tax returns
  • Manage balance sheets and profit/loss statements
  • Report on the company’s financial health and liquidity
  • Audit financial transactions and documents
  • Reinforce financial data confidentiality and conduct database backups when necessary
  • Comply with financial policies and regulations

Requirements and skills

  • Work experience as an Accountant
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the Generally
  • Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Hands-on experience with accounting software like Fresh Books and QuickBooks
  • Advanced MS Excel skills including Vlookups and pivot tables
  • Experience with general ledger functions
  • Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills
  • BSc in Accounting, Finance or relevant degree.

Training Director responsibilities include:

  • Using performance reviews and skills gap analyses to identify training needs per department, team and individual
  • Planning training programs based on business goals

Job brief

We are looking for a Training Director to design and oversee all learning and development programs within our organization.

Training Director responsibilities include identifying training needs based on skills gap analyses, developing group and individual learning courses, and managing the training budget. To be successful in this role, you should have solid experience organizing trainings and designing the educational curriculum.

Ultimately, you will help us develop our employees’ and candidates’skills to improve quality of work, productivity, and retention.


  • Use performance reviews and skills gap analyses to identify training needs per department, team and individual
  • Craft career plans
  • Plan training programs based on business goals
  • Oversee learning activities, curriculum, and resources
  • Manage quarterly and annual training budgets
  • Evaluate the results of learning courses
  • Implement coaching sessions and mentorship programs to establish a culture of continuous learning
  • Recommend new training methods (including e-learning courses and game-based platforms)

Requirements and skills

  • Work experience as a Training Director, Training Manager, or similar role
  • In-depth understanding of traditional and modern training methods (including workshops, simulations, e-learning, and coaching)
  • Experience organizing training activities in a corporate environment
  • Hands-on experience with project management and budgeting
  • Proficiency in Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • BSc/MSc in Human Resources, Learning and Development, Organizational Psychology, or relevant field

Best hospitality recruitment agencies in London

The art of hospitality entails various strategies to enable the friendly and generous reception of guests. The techniques are widely used throughout all sectors of industry, from healthcare industry to entertainment and hotel services. Furthermore, a hospitable reception can significantly influence an organization’s sales volume. Not only are these but career options within the hospitality industry considered prestigious roles around the world and especially in the UK. To establish a career in the field, significant skill possessed by effective candidates in the hospitality department is versatility, communication, and industry awareness.

RSR Global talented team of experienced consultants can help match aspiring hospitality professionals with their dream roles.

What areas do they cover and what do they specialize in?

The hospitality industry aims to deliver a memorable experience to all its clients. London and the United Kingdom have always enjoyed a thriving hospitality industry due to their diversity and breathtaking views. Careers such as holiday planning, restaurant management, event planning, and medical practice jobs in the UK happen to be the most demanding career requirements.

Hospitality jobs in the UK offer a fine career option for an Individual. UK hotel jobs have also been considered a highly demanding career opportunities. Besides this, Students and young professionals who study in Ukraine and the United States fly down to the UK to gain experience in the well-known UK hospitality.

The job application process for these highly demanded roles comes with various challenges, including a high competition rate and meticulous interviews. It is better to get the right advice from hospitality recruitment agencies in London rather than from individuals. Such as RSR Global, which is well equipped to deal with the complicated process and relieve some of the stress from their candidates!

How does RSR Global bring a difference?

Right up until the candidate is offered their dream job and begins their employment with the organization, RSR Global is the perfect choice for both candidate and employer. The consultant is trusted by candidates to represent them for roles they are well suited for. Consultants are trusted to provide them with the best candidates. It is the responsibility of recruitment consultants to find the right candidate for the right job and win new business as well as maintain good relations with existing clients and candidates. In the UK, RSR Global is one of the most prominent and esteemed hospitality recruitment agencies, supporting the best professionals in hiring. With RSR Global, you’ll find work in an industry you love with our team of experienced hospitality recruiters.

Invest in your future

Having relevant industry experience is essential for working in the hospitality industry. You can put your academic learning into practice by participating in an industrial placement during your hospitality course. In addition to developing contacts within the industry, the experience allows you to demonstrate your skills and motivation to employers. If you have a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm to supervise and train new staff from an early stage in your career, the hospitality sector offers great opportunities.

I was heard and trusted from day one and i am grateful for all the support for my professional development and upcoming opportunity to work internationally.

Thanks to RSR Global team, especially Rajesh sir, and Manisha ma’am for your efforts and hard work to get a job in the UK. I will be always grateful to you.

I am glad I came across RSR Global where I meet amazing friendly and professional people Mr Rajesh and Mr Derrick, they have guided me through the recruitment process and provided me with necessary information to make the process smooth and successful. Mr Derrick has been of great help taking me step by step am made sure everything is perfect.

RSR Global is really a gem in international placement. The way it is leading by Mr. Rajesh is really commendable. They provide all the information related to interviews on time along with various trainings. special thanks to the consultant Ms. Manisha for all the support and time she took.

perfect way of working. Very professional staff. Rajesh and Adrash guided me , supported me in all my process . Big thank you to both of you and your whole team

Thank you for the opportunity. I am fortunate to have met such a genuine Consultancy. Thank you for the guidance and support.

Cannot Thank the team enough. Very efficient and genuine to the core. Would definitely recommend to all my friends.

RSR is one of the most trust worthy companies I’ve come across. They have a friendly approach and a great knowledge about the industry. They provided me with immediate updates and required material. Extremely grateful to Rajesh sir and Manisha ma’am for going out of their way to help me out with the entire process and making sure that i get through the interview

At RSR Global, our core values are of utmost importance as it plays a significant role in employees recruitment and retention. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help professionals understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help us determine if our specialists and applicants are on the right path and fulfilling their goals. Thus, a jobseeker would turn down a role at a company if they didn’t share its core values. It’s becoming clear that if an organization doesn’t take core values seriously, it’s putting itself at a serious disadvantage.

Strong and relevant core values shape a strong culture, by providing a form of unspoken leadership that guides and inspires employees and the workforce as a whole. These core values should be the foundation of everything you do throughout every aspect of business.

There are many ways one can embed its core values. The business decisions should be made keeping the values in mind. It should permeate through good leadership, reliable managers and leaders accountable for living the values. The leaders should demonstrate them through their everyday behavior. Employees don’t like hypocrites leading their organizations.

Choices should be made about the clients and suppliers based on those values. Provide recognition programs as a way for people to demonstrate how they are living company values, be it healthcare, medical or hospitality and to highlight examples of the kinds of behaviors that bring those values to life. Look at your internal recruitment processes on healthcare, medical and hospitality. Do you have candidates who represent what the company’s all about in their day to day behavior? Are they the ones being promoted?

Values aren’t only an essential part of effective recruitment. They are a crucial reason why people choose to stay working for you and they are also a vital element for attracting clients.

Core Values At RSR Global

A company’s core values directly impact the organization’s culture. At RSR Global, our culture, energy and excitement is contagious. We are true innovators and thought leaders. Our company’s core products and foundation are built from our employees ideas. Here are some of our company values:

  • agility
  • approachability
  • belonging
  • creativity
  • diversity
  • empowering
  • entrepreneurial
  • family-oriented
  • fun
  • hard work
  • inclusion
  • individualistic
  • learning
  • meritocracy
  • modern
  • nimble
  • originality
  • passion
  • respect for boundaries
  • shared prosperity
  • social responsibility
  • sustainability
  • learn-focused
  • traditional
  • work-life balance
  • humbleness and willpower
  • leadership by example
  • daring to be different
  • togetherness and enthusiasm
  • cost-consciousness
  • constant desire for renewal
  • accept and delegate responsibility

Examples of Corporate Core Values

At RSR Global, we refer to our core values as guiding principles that help to define how we should serve the community, within all sectors of recruitment. We have many examples of common core values for either healthcare, medical or hospitality recruitment at RSR Global

  • A commitment to sustainability and to act in an environmentally friendly way especially in hospitality recruitment.
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence especially in hospitality recruitment.
  • A commitment to do good for the whole community applicable in medical and healthcare recruitment.
  • A commitment to help those less fortunate applicable in medical and healthcare recruitment.
  • A commitment to build strong communities.

Recruiting Professionals Who Share Your Core Values In Healthcare, Medical and Hospitality

Here are several steps you can take:

  • Your first step in building a value based recruitment plan is to map out what beliefs and standards are important in this regard. Think about the different values that go into your organization, including individual values, societal values, brand values and organizational values. Build upon your list until you are confident in the values you have established. This will act as the foundation for your values based recruitment strategy.
  • When recruiting based on values, you want to be sure that those values are appearing in job adverts and postings, as well as on your career page. Infusing the values you have just identified in each and every job posting can ensure you are attracting the right audience from the very beginning.
  • Pre-employment assessments are tools or methods of evaluating candidates. They can include hard skill tests, interviews, cultural, behavioral, or cognitive tests. In other words, pre-employment assessments are any measures you take to get to know your candidates a bit better, usually at the beginning of the recruitment process.
  • Cognitive ability tests, including puzzles or brain games, assesses the levels at which a candidate learns. This includes solving problems and understanding instructions. Cognitive ability tests are particularly useful in measuring values related to problem solving or reasoning.
  • Personality questionnaires allow applicants to measure how strongly they disagree or agree with certain statements or situations. This is great for evaluating six major dimensions of personality including honesty-humility, emotionality, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience.
  • Situational judgment tests use text, videos, images and questions to create lifelike scenarios where applicants can respond according to how they would react on the job. This provides insight into how a candidate might perform when on the job and also shows the candidates the realities of the job they are applying for.
  • Like pre-employment assessments, values-based interview techniques help you get to know your candidates better before you make a hiring decision. Role-play, interview questions based on values and follow-up questions can all help you identify candidates who fit your culture.
  • An assessment center provides an additional look at a candidate’s values through group exercises, role-play scenarios and other opportunities that show various aspects of their abilities. Incorporating an assessment center into your hiring or recruitment process can provide a more realistic look to your candidates, helping you determine whether or not their values match your own.
  • Translate values into action or behavioral based terms. Defining how your team members should behave in certain situations enables you to access interviewees with specific questions that reveal their core values.
  • Make your core values public. Create a page on your website that describes your values and reference them in job ads.
  • Create an onboarding process that includes cultural induction. Many companies do not have a well-defined onboarding and training process for new recruits. Go against the grain. Make cultural orientation part of your onboarding.
  • Make decisions based on your core values. Now that you have defined and expressed what your core values are, you must live congruently with them. This may mean making difficult and uncomfortable decisions at times. You may need to restructure your team or reevaluate vendor partnerships that compromise your values. You may need to turn down opportunities that are not a right fit for your organization. But in the long term, this will mean retaining key people within your organization for longer duration.

Employee Retention

RSR Global understands that employee turnover is expensive. Taking the time to find the perfect candidate, providing them with effective training they and getting hiring resources is time consuming too. However, there’s one thing organizations can do before they start the hiring process to make sure they are bringing on board the right people- creating and honing a list of organizational values.

Figuring out your organization’s values

The first step in boosting employee retention is starting at the beginning by figuring out what exactly your values are. Think about the aligned values, beliefs, behaviors and experiences that come together to your workplace what it is. Also remember, organizational culture and values don’t necessarily have to be forced.

In fact, they can come about in two different ways. Firstly, you can decisively define them and nurture them to create the environment you want, or they come about more organically as a result of the beliefs and experiences of your employees.

Once you have decided on a set of values that you want to hone and share with the world, you can then use them to fuel every action, strategy, decision and communication, whether that is in the hiring process or something like performance review systems.

So what should your values look like?

  • RELEVANT AND INSPIRING- make sure your values are relevant.
  • WELL COMMUNICATED-everyone needs to know what your values are. they should be cemented through training, reward programs and other initiatives.
  • FULLY EMBRACED-everyone needs to embrace the organizational values for them to be successful. If employees see senior staff flouting the values, they are more inclined to reject them too.

Why organization’s values matter for employee retention?

As a result, certain employees are more likely to leave, leading to a high turnover with high costs.

To avoid such situations, employees should feel comfortable to mesh well with their organization and coworkers. Having a strong team with a set of shared beliefs and values means companies can adapt and thrive quicker than those that don’t

It boils down to three key ways an organization’s values help employee retention and they are:

  • A BETTER STANDARD OF CANDIDATE-when potential employees love your core values and are inspired by them, they are going to apply for a job with you. This leads to a wider selection of potential candidates and opens the door for a higher quality employee to walk into an interview.
  • BUILD YOUR REPUTATION-Companies that shout about their values from the rooftop are more respected than those that don’t. When your workplace is renowned for having a strong culture and solid values, the word spread quickly.
  • ATTRACT STAFF WHO ARE A BETTER FIT-not only will you widen your pool of potential candidates by sharing your core values, but you will be able to pick the best people for the job. People are attracted to like-minded persons, which means you are more likely to attract employees who already share your core values if you are open and honest about them. These candidates will fit in better and are less likely to leave, leading to an increase in employee retention.

How to convey your organizational values to employees

  • SHARE YOUR VALUES WITH THE WORLD-put your values out there so that potential employees can see them before their interview. A simple page on your website will do the trick.
  • CREATE A CULTURAL INDUCTION-when you hire new staff, turn your onboarding process into a cultural induction too so that new employees can quickly get acquainted with your core values and what’s expected of them and the organization.

Once you have nailed your core values and listed them on your site for potential employees to scour, you can then make sure you emphasize them in the interview.

Finding the right employees is key to boosting employee retention and creating a successful workforce. The first step in that process is building a set of core values and beliefs. This way you will attract people who will fit in, leading to increased employee satisfaction.

At RSR Global, our community is comprised of ambitious individuals all with the drive to improve ourselves and the market. Our team collaborates, we work hard, we laugh a lot, we are authentic and we embrace change, allowingus to maintain our reputation position in the recruitment world.

How to Make a Professional CV ?

A Curriculum Vitae is a formal document that gives a recruiter detailed information about the candidate’s education, professional experience, and skills. It the first piece of documentation that is produced while applying for a job, providing a clear reflection of the candidate’s experiences. Creating a polished and professional CV is of paramount importance, to create the vital initial positive impression on the employer.

It’s crucial for job seekers be it in Medical, Healthcare or Hospitality roles to learn the art of creating an impressive resume that captures the attention of recruiters.

To help you create a strong and impactful CV, we have curated the following 10 tips for preparing the perfect job-winning CV:

Top Tips To Create A Job-Winning CV

  • CHOOSE THE CORRECT CV TYPE: There are several resume formats available, such as the combination resume, chronological resume, and the functional resume. A chronological CV is ideal for applicants who have multiple years of work experience, whereas a new professional should opt for a functional CV, which places more emphasis on skills and education rather than work experience.
  • HAVE A BLUEPRINT FOR YOUR CV: Devoting some time to pre-planning and organizing the content of your CV is an excellent idea.
  • PROVIDE YOUR COMPLETE CONTACT INFORMATION: Your CV should contain your complete contact details, including your name, email address, phone number, home address and Skype ID.
  • REMEMBER TO USE AN IMPRESSIVE, SHORT AND ENGAGING HEADLINE: A CV headline summarizes your academic background, skills&certifications, alongside providing a brief understanding of your personality and career aspirations.
  • LIST YOUR EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Create a tabulated list and illustrate your academic credentials- no further than tenth grade, arranged in reverse chronicled order.
  • DEMONSTRATE YOUR SKILL SETS: Make a list of the skills you have, including soft skills, technical skills and job-specific skills relevant to the position that you are applying for.
  • ADD PROJECT DETAILS AND INTERNSHIPS: Specify the duration of projects and internships that you completed, as well as the role you played in them.
  • THROW LIGHT ON YOUR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Include a section that provides insights into your hobbies, interests and passions. Under this section, create a list of quiz competitions, college debates and sports that you took part in.
  • BE HONEST: Make sure your CV is100% genuine and does not contain any false information.
  • PROOFREAD YOUR CV BEFORE SUBMITTING: Double-check your CV for flaws in sentence structure, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Make sure that your CV is nicely formatted and that it uses the fontthroughout.

Submitting your CV

When it comes to applying for a job, there are several ways you can share your CV with an employer.

  • Saving your CV as a PDF- Most employers prefer to receive CV’s in the Portable Document Format(PDF).
  • Emailing a CV- When mailing a CV, you will likely be asked to send it as an attachment.
  • Posting a CV- When submitting your CV to a human resources website, review the upload instructions, the PDF is the most common format here as well.

Since a CV creates a first impression on the recruiter, it needs to have a unique effect. Following the steps above will enable applicants to produce an impressive resume to get shortlisted for a job interview with RSR Global within Medical, Healthcare or Hospitality recruitment.

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